"As the modern era rooted in nation-state sovereignty comes to an end, tensions between the plural and the universal, and the local and the cosmopolitan, present profound challenges to governance in the twenty-first century. Dialogical citizenship provides a framework for turning these dichotomies into fruitful exchanges among competing strains of citizenship while mediating stresses based on religion, ethnicity, race, and power inequalities. In such dialogue, there is a place for both difference and commonality, creating a space for a journey of self-discovery and discovery of “the other.” Such soul-searching is the foundation for understanding across communities, faiths, and cultures in an increasingly tumultuous and divided world. Transnational citizenry that accepts—indeed, invites—dialogue to explore the creative tension between universality and singularity is a precondition to safely navigating a Great Transition."

Collaborative Backbone
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This listing of "groups" is intended as a kind of comprehensive spectrum that extends from the fundamentals of human thinking across descending levels of abstraction, beginning with holism, ethics and religion and leading to democracy-based activism. It is supposed that all of these elements play a contributing role in social-change activism, and their smooth interaction becomes feasible in a context supported by scientific holism and network science.


We are the Bridge Alliance - a rising American tide of conservatives and liberals, centrists and moderates, business owners and workers, students and retired persons, diverse in age, color, faith and orientation. We have come together in civility, respect, and goodwill to solve problems together. Together, we can become a powerful and positive voice in the American political landscape advocating “Country Before Party.”
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This Global Matrix framework is an idealized design for enlightened global collaboration and dialogue in a context of extreme diversity, where human values, word meanings and cultural assumptions may differ widely or absolutely. It creates a single "integral and holistic" framework where contradictory or incommensurate purposes or worldviews can be brought together into a single context that considers every factor brought into the framework by any motivated participant.

The project takes the form of a "backbone network" that extends between disciplines and sectors of human inquiry, building interconnection between gaps and points of misunderstanding, helping create smooth and informed linkage between sometimes disjoint subject areas like global ethics and climate activism, and helping to negotiate profound points of difference in a holistic context.


The project is based on the conviction that systemic changes can and should flow from the collective decison-making process of democratic self-governance, and through inspired dialogue and enlightened governance, all other kinds of social change, such as ownership models, economic and ecological changes, etc., can then be successfully introduced.

The assumptions and design philosophy behind this project are transformative and revolutionary in many ways. Many different academic discplines and scientific ideas are brought together here. Innovative and entirely new ideas are introduced.

The fundamental framework is "scientific holism" defined in interdisciplinary terms. New "system" ideas are introduced, made feasible for the first time in history by the computing power of the internet. Sophisticated new ways to build intergroup and intersector alliances are developed. The illusive "common ground of the human race" emerges through the overlap of common human values and intentions.


  • Absolute inclusion
  • Holistic and integral design
  • High bandwidth and capacity
  • Concurrency
  • "Everything connects to everything else"
  • Global ethics -- consistent with the best of humanism, the best of science, the best of religion and spirituality
  • Enlightened democracy
  • Feasible and affordable -- "bite-sized" and non-overwhelming
  • Every issue anyone cares to introduce -- parsed by applicability to geographic region or sector
  • The best of group process -- dialogue, deliberation, circles, resonance
  • The "politics of trust"
  • "Resonant semantics"
  • Local independence and freedom within comprehensive global wholeness and unity
  • Justice as balance within the whole, as guided by the whole

Project under development