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Sender: Michael Briand
Subject: A suggestion for your consideration
Date: Sun, Apr 27, 2014
Msg: 100944


Thus far the conversation on the list has been (it seems to me) largely what we might call a "meta" discussion: a conversation about the nature of and prospects for productive communication between persons having divergent political perspectives and proclivities who nevertheless are interested in engaging each other concerning the matters that divide them, with the hope that doing so might lead to mutual understanding and even, perhaps, some form and extent of agreement (or something to this effect).

Question: Would it be useful, do you think, for us (or those of us who are interested) jointly to "observe" and dissect an attempt by a small number (2-4, probably) of selected "discussants" to achieve the sort of communication we wish to encourage and support? I have in mind an asynchronous "dialogue-in-print" rather than an actual, face-to-face discussion--something we can examine carefully together, as if it were a transcript. (This would allow us as well, if we chose, to intervene in the discussion as a collective facilitator.) The discussion need not be a "full-length" exploration, but might constitute only a portion of what normally would be a much longer conversation.

I invite everyone to offer their own variations on this very general proposal.

Thank you.

Michael Briand

Chico, CA


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