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Collaborative Netweaving
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We are about "a world that works for everyone", and we're exploring collaborative network models and implementation, in a context of ongoing co-creative design.

How can a very diverse humanity find the common ground we need? How can we establish "sustainability" when we must work together to accomplish it?

We've got some ideas we want to look at, and we'd like to hear yours.


We are considering a spectrum of approaches, including bottom-up, top-down, tag-based, tree-based, circle-based, and hybrid. There's a place for everything and everybody in that framework.

Plus, we are exploring concepts of absolute center and universal common ground, seeing the idea of "the commons" from many points of view.

We embrace politics, economics, energy, business, spirituality and justice, all in the context of "sustainable comunity".

And we're networkers to the core.

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