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Collaborative Netweaving
The Full Spectrum of Human Issues

Contributing forces, organizing categories, roots of diversity, the primary categories of human experience


Local - regional - national - global

From the point of view of idealized internet design, it is possible to conceive a multi-level international network of engaged citizens considering every issue that arises in their context.

Every issue anyone cares about

This network could take on "every issue that anyone in the network feels motivated to introduce", and can be organized by regions, such that issues of concern can be intimately located, or made fully national or international.

Google maps and GIS

The regional parsing of the huge spectrum of human concerns can be intimately coordinated through Google Maps. Similar or identical issues can be interconnected across regions.

Bottom-up, top-down and random free association

The actual structure and design details for the network can be fluent, adopting various strategies for interconnecting relevant facets.

Independent networks or "hubs" can be interconnected through semi-random free association or "tagging", or through top-down integration through a common center or "trunk". This approach maintains full local freedom and independence, while at the same time supporting full system integration and integrity.

Online democracy

Any number of decision procedures can emerge at regional levels to determine the best approach for reconciling differences. Examples include Sociocracy, Holacracy, Deeper Democracy, Consensus, etc. All of these options can be readily programmed into interconnected network-supported frameworks.

Networks, Glocalism and Universal Center

The emerging new phenomena of "glocalism" - a hybrid of "global" and "local" - embodies a powerful new potential for rapid social change through the emergence of universal common standards.

Integral Vision

Focalpoint display designed for 100% of your available screen width