"As the modern era rooted in nation-state sovereignty comes to an end, tensions between the plural and the universal, and the local and the cosmopolitan, present profound challenges to governance in the twenty-first century. Dialogical citizenship provides a framework for turning these dichotomies into fruitful exchanges among competing strains of citizenship while mediating stresses based on religion, ethnicity, race, and power inequalities. In such dialogue, there is a place for both difference and commonality, creating a space for a journey of self-discovery and discovery of “the other.” Such soul-searching is the foundation for understanding across communities, faiths, and cultures in an increasingly tumultuous and divided world. Transnational citizenry that accepts—indeed, invites—dialogue to explore the creative tension between universality and singularity is a precondition to safely navigating a Great Transition."

Collaborative Backbone
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Multiple perspectives

This project is about an emerging movement that is felt or experienced in innumerable ways all over the world. This movement — sometimes called the global shift or great transition and sometimes simply globalization — is highly complex, and can be understood to involve hundreds or thousands of interconnected factors, including all the major global issues — environment, climate, economy, energy, sustainabilithy, human rights, security — as well as spirituality, ethics, religion and oneness.


There is no one single way to frame the facets of this emerging larger whole and no one can say exactly what those facets should be. These issues are highly interconnected, with overlapping influences. Most of us who are interested in some aspect of this movement are expert or informed in one area and less so in others. We are learning how to cooperate and work together, in a context where we must trust the skills of our fellow participants, because as single individuals we have no hope of mastering the many details of all these demanding issues.

One world

Let's build a movement that includes everyone, and hold it together through an ethic of personal relationships and wise collective judgment.

What is an alliance?

"An alliance is a pact, coalition or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests, making them allies."

We are exploring ways to develop a complex multi-faceted alliance project on the basis of shared purposes — as organizations and individuals with similar but not identical objectives and mission statements find ways to act together in service to objectives they share.

Project under development