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Sender: "Bruce Schuman"
Subject: Self-introduction:
Date: Mon, Mar 24, 2014
Msg: 100850

From: List for transpartisan leaders and innovators [mailto:TRANSPARTISAN@LISTS.THATAWAY.ORG] On Behalf Of Steven Rubenstein Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2014 2:00 PM To: TRANSPARTISAN@LISTS.THATAWAY.ORG Subject: [TRANSPARTISAN] Self-introduction:

Figured I would introduce myself to the group.

I am relatively new to the community engagement scene. I previously focused on being an entrepreneur (hate that word) and trying to make a lot of money. Alas, it turned out I was not actually motivated by money (who knew?) but by solving problems and making the world a better place. is a platform for fostering compromise solutions to real-world problems. Like, it is open for anyone to post their problem. However, instead of trying to get people who agree with you to support your petition, Agreedis is focused on bringing people together who disagree to agree on a solution the majority can accept in the name of compromise.

We had 2 goals for building Agreedis:

1. Demonstrate that the majority of people are willing to accept compromise solutions to (finally) solve major problems.

2. Show people that how they label themselves does not define them, and that they have more common ground with seemingly opposite people than the media, politicians or even they would ever expect.

Like, Agreedis has a revenue model. We did not want to build a platform purely dependent on donations or grants. However, the goal is not to build Agreedis into a huge company and sell it, or go public. It is simply to ensure the platform has a sustainable business model.

The site was actually built with the initial purpose of solving the Israeli - Palestinean conflict. The goal was not only to craft a compromise solution that the majority of both sides were willing to accept, but also to prove to Israeli and Palestinean "leaders" that the vast majority of their citizens are interested in peace and willing to compromise.

In 2 weeks, I will be presenting at the Build Peace thru Technology conference at MIT Media Lab. So if anyone else will be there, I am happy to meet with you.

Steven Rubenstein Co-Founder


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