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Sender: "Dr. Don Beck"
Subject: A possible Transpartisan package approach
Date: Tue, Mar 25, 2014
Msg: 100875

I just wanted to introduce myself.

What follows is based on decades of disciplined academic research, mind-brain analysis using fMRI, and actual field studies in difficult places where wicket problems confound us - South Africa, the Middle East, Iceland and all over Europe, and in dealing with extreme polarization in this country. My other partner, Elza Maalouf and I spoke recently at the National Assembly in France on threats from extremism, especially in Europe. Will gladly send you that document.. see

Our models of "transpartisan" include totally different concepts and systemics.

If you are interested you might consider the application Spiral Dynamics-Integral 6 day intensive -- In Quest for the Master Code, in two parts, at the Adizes Graduate school in Santa Barbara, April 7-16 and the unique Cultural Beats on Bourbon Street application on the future of New Orleans. April 29-May 2.. So one could bask at the beach or jump with the jazz since the Jazz Festival in the first week in May. See and note the schedules and details. My partner, Said Dawlabani (author of the new book MEMEnomics: The next Generation Economic System) and I will be at the Forbes Summit on Reinventing America in cold Chicago, starting tomorrow, Mary 26.

We show how to overcome racial, ethnic, gender, and status stereotypes and break out of polarities and Us vs. Them conflicts. I worked with Nelson Mandela during the l995 Rugby World Cup competition in South Africa to use these tools to shift the culture away from the stereotypes. See the movie INVICTUS if you would like to see what resulted, in terms of a nation-building effort. Elza Maalouf, an attorney from Lebanon, and I spoke recently at the United Nations on "From Clashes to Congruence of Civilization: A new Strategy for the World Community."

It is important that I try to explain the whole package rather then bits and pieces. See below. There is a great deal about all of this that I don't understand, even though I have been working with the body of knowledge for 30 plus years, primarily while on the faculty of the University of North Texas.

First I add "natural design" to the sequence of dialogue and deliberation -- 3-Ds -- with the belief that major transpartisan efforts must go beyond both information and attitudes. Systems need to be set right to achieve functionality to determine what needs to be done. This is more a bottom-up approach than a theory-down, with trickle down from either the private systems and/or the government. Each is each. I work with subsurface dynamics -- value system codes -- to see how they form, polarize, and get on the slippery slope toward violence. I was influenced by the work of Professor Muzafer Sheriff called Social Judgment that defined the impact of ego-involvement or attitudinal intensity. This involves the formation and movement of positions on a spectrum from extremism to extremism through a series of gradations and a so-called "center."

These positions are fluid and form coalitions under the pressure of realities and threats. So, George W. Bush was seen as a Fascist from the extreme liberal view; and Bill Clinton was often seen as a Marxist from the extreme right wing perspective. This is called the Assimilation/Contrast Effect and it often freezes thinking and decision-making.

Second, in recent years I added an evolutionary/emergence framework from Professor Clare W. Graves that uncovered the world view patterns from survivalist beige, to animistic purple, to imperialistic red, to absolutistic blue, to pragmatist-materialistic orange, to sensitive-egalitarian green, and then across a great divide into systemic functionality yellow and holism turquoise.. These are underlying motivational-priority packages that select and align priorities. The colors have no meaning in themselves. African Americans who think red (such as Al Sharpton) are different from those who think in systemic nonracial yellow such as Mandela. And, our team has worked for years in Mexico dealing with drug gangs (red) and corrupt politicians (orange sleaze). This is called by Graves "the emergent, cyclical, double helix model of bio-psyho-social development." It is far from flavor of the month or psychobabble.

Understand the Tea Party-Conservative GOP (blue-orange) and the Democratic progressive (orange-green) are part of the same evolutionary flow and both are essential. They should not be in conflict. One leads to the other and the other must have it or will fall into a politically correct sink whole and lose elections, like now.

Transpartisan leaders need to mesh the two rather than take sides. If blue-orange fails, then progressive green will collapse and society will regress into holy wars, and destructive win:lose games. This is the integral meshworks perspective we have designed. I tried to get President Obama to join the Tea Party since he is President of the whole country, and all of the locations on the psychological/value system map and flow. A caution: Getting rid of what we don't want is NOT the same thing as getting what we do want. You can see what the Arab spring became the Arab winter. This makes the knowledge inherent in dialogue - deliberation but then Natural Design to get a sense of why what is next, is next, and why the interior capacities in a culture will often dictate or facilitate shifts. Our task is to function within flow states rather than defend final states, even the so-called "center" position. But the planet is full of different levels of development so car-washes or one-size-fits all solutions are toxic to the reality of human nature and change itself. We use Vital Signs Monitors to profle these patterns., and Summits on the Child in local communities.l

Republicans who are frozen blue are different from those accused of being green Rinos. Social Democrats fuse red victims with green rescuers. Then one must use "bar-code" concepts to identify what is necessary in the real world. Our Palestinian colleagues claim their culture consists of purple-red desperately needing to add positive blue to their capacities while Israel is heavy blue/orange with emerging green in the Diaspora.. Russia blue is being reawakened but this time with a sense of strategic orange rather than empire red. To borrow an expression from a recent campaign for Bill Clinton by James C "It's about the econmy" stupid" to "It's about memetics (value systems) stupid." Obviously you are not stupid but the UN is full of it, as is Washington DC. Beware of those who continue to play the race card for political advantage. Einstein was on target when he said we cannot solve problems using the sysem that produced them, but we need an entirely different paradigm and understanding of human nature. We are on the verge of uncovering and creating that universial conceptual model. I welcome all challengers. But, you must be prepared. Roughly 1,000 folks are using this approach around the world.

This, of course, is an over simplification and the entire process is much more complex. But, it does allow us to deal with the realities rather than the surface-level displays an superficial beliefs and behaviors. See for an example.

These are NOT types of people or cultures; rather, they are ever shifting codes within people, organizations and cultures that reflect adaptive intelligences to Life Conditions. and Problems of Existence. We have a long series of assessment systems we use to profile societies. This package was especially useful in post-financial crisis Iceland that resulted in a unique set of national assemblies. I can send you a Phd dissertation on the process from Dr. Bjarni Jonnsen at the Adizes Graduate School.

I need to write all of this to give you a sense of what we mean by "Transpartisan." It means use all available means, create new "dots" and then connect them All, and build decision-making systems, as in value engineering or value management processes rather than negotiation, or "all coming together" naive. We all have work to do. The program is called DOTS: Connecting what matters to design what works in the Age of collaboration. I think this is one of the objective/goals we have in mind with this movement.

Don Edward Beck, 320 Mimosa Drive, Denton, Texas 76201 tele 940.382.9080 cell 940.300.6363 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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