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Sender: Russ Volckmann
Subject: introduction
Date: Tue, Apr 1, 2014
Msg: 100900

I was attracted to transpartisan ideas through the work of Don Beck (SDi) and transdisciplinarity. Didn't hurt much that my PhD is in political science with a South Asia area specialty from Berkeley (meaning other than direct action during the 60s when transpartisanship was not the rule of the era, my focus was not much on the United States). This led to 30+ years of coaching and consulting with various academic gigs focused on organization development and related topics strewn around the timescape. All of this and more (including extensive work and education in humanistic psychology) were part of the foundation that ultimately led to the creation of ILR 14 years ago.

One result of all of this is that I have been more and more in an observer role. I count on folks like you to help me think about issues and learning and to partner around some strategies that are mutually supportive (e.g., publishing ILR and books). That has been my role on most listserves I participate in – sometime contributor, full time observer.

I also encourage individuals to write – to write about experiences they have had at conferences, workshops, in the field... , to review books, to have their books reviewed in ILR, to write articles, and occasionally to be interviewed.

I would like ILR to be a significant resource to the folks on this list. Subscriptions are free; useful for knowing when ILR material is published. In addition, we are potentially a friendly showcase for your ideas and actions in relation to the transpartisan.

Glad to be here. Russ Russ Volckmann, PhD

Publisher, Integral Publishers Integral Leadership Review, Exec. Editor 831 333-9200


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