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Sender: Michael Strong
Subject: Re: important article
Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2014
Msg: 100905

Thanks, Michael, that was an excellent and highly relevant article. This statement by Kahan,

" I asked Kahan how he tries to guard against identity protection in his > everyday life. The answer, he said, is to try to find disagreement that > doesn’t threaten you and your social group — and one way to do that is to > consciously seek it out in your group. "I try to find people who I actually > think are like me — people I’d like to hang out with — but they don’t > believe the things that everyone else like me believes," he says. "If I > find some people I identify with, I don’t find them as threatening when > they disagree with me." It’s good advice, but it requires, as a > prerequisite, a desire to expose yourself to uncomfortable evidence — and a > confidence that the knowledge won’t hurt you."

articulates an appropriate norm for a transpartisan group.

Political scientists who study political ignorance are also acutely aware that more information usually leads to greater political polarization. I see this well-established empirical fact as devastating to those who would believe that "more information" or "better informed voters" would lead to any improvement in outcome.

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Michael Briand wrote:

> Here's a link to a very good *article* ( > > that’s directly relevant to the challenge of achieving > transpartisanship. It explains why, if we want dialogue instead of > “dueling monologues,” we need to deal with the human need for a robust > personal identity. > > Michael Briand > > ------------------------------ > > To unsubscribe from the TRANSPARTISAN list, click the following link: > >

-- Michael Strong CEO and Chief Visionary Officer FLOW, Inc.

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