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Sender: Michael Maxsenti
Subject: Introduction
Date: Thu, Apr 17, 2014
Msg: 100932

Hello Transpartisan community!

I am very excited to have this opportunity of working with you all. I know that the time is right for the transpartisan perspective to take root and grow into a movement that will help our nation and the world find a responsible way through this transformation.

Those who have pioneered this evolutionary thinking over these past many years, I wish to say thank you for not giving up. I feel blessed to have been brought here to be a part of this effort going forward.

My personal journey that has brought me here is a similar journey to that which we are inviting our nation to take. I went on a search to find out why my son, and many of my friends, held such vastly different beliefs despite sharing similar values. Why was it we could not discuss issues and come to an understanding of how best to resolve them for the greater good of our nation and the world? Why was there so much anger and conflict dividing us?

These questions and many others lead to the founding of Rebellious Truths, a nonprofit focused on galvanizing, educating and activating our millennial generation to help lead a reformation of our political system. Three of Rebellious Truths videos reached #1 status on YouTube while bringing forth vital information to a hard to reach, yet important segment of our fellow Americans. Today, Rebellious Truths is resting. It will be re-branded in right timing to bringing forth the vision and understanding that it is now time to "Chart A New Course For America."

My role is that of a catalyst for unity, working to weave a nationwide network of people committed to unifying and changing the course of our nation. I am also helping to broaden our understanding of our shared humanity and that we must live in a way that respects and enhances all others freedom.

I walk comfortably with all people and am active in many diverse communities here in southern California. Including being a member and speaking before such groups as the Interdenominational Alliance, the NAACP, the OC Conservative Coalition, the OC Progressive Coalition, and the local Occupy and Tea Party groups while also attending functions of both the Democrat and Republican parties.

My business today is that of a Political Communications Advisor and the President of The Max Company. Currently I work with candidates running in our CA Congressional Districts #45 and #46; assist Ellen Brown, candidate for CA State Treasurer and help on the CA Clean Money Campaign while participating on both the Los Angeles and Orange County Registrar of Voters citizens advisory councils.

It is in doing this work that I was introduced to NCDD and Sandy Heierbacher. Nancy recently introduced me to John Steiner, and that has brought me here now.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to work with so many dedicated people working to help our nation and the world move forward by coming together.

Warm regards to all, Michael

Contact information if you would like to talk or email me directly. 714.745.9830


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