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Sender: Rickrad
Subject: Full Transpartisanship
Date: Sat, Apr 19, 2014
Msg: 100935

Most of us here, it seems, are "dialog transpartisans" meaning that we are focused on bringing all sides together for healthy dialog, deliberation and debate -- sometimes informally, (e.g. Living Room Conversations) sometimes formally (e.g. Voice of the People).

I would like to make the case that such dialogs -- while essential -- are only a first step and that "full transpartisanship" requires something more.

Full transpartisanship, I will argue, requires a vision of government that unites the parallel pursuits of maximum freedom, maximum social justice, maximum realism, maximum peace and maximum sustainability -- all without compromise.

At first glance, such a vision of government might sound impossible but a first draft of such a vision is here:

The quick summary is to imagine the modern world (capitalism, democracy and diplomacy/defense) and add (1) a reform called cap-and-prioritize to economize collective resources in order to pursue social justice within libertarian limits; and (2) a global implementation of cap-and-trade to pursue sustainability right.

Now here's the hard part: It is easy to be in favor of dialog (who really can be against it?) but it is hard to be in favor of structural reform -- it's a big change, after all, and it requires re-thinking a lot of assumptions we've all held for decades.

And yet that is what I believe we must do.

Why? Because no matter how formally and professionally dialog might be done (e.g. Voice of the People), the most it can possibly accomplish (I believe) is bipartisan compromise.

In order to achieve full transpartisanship (i.e. maximum freedom, maximum social justice, maximum pragmatism, maximum peace and maximum sustainability at the same time) we need more than dialog, we need structural incentive reform as described above.

I don't expect one email to persuade anyone -- but I do hope to open a dialog about the idea that dialog is only a first step and that full transpartisanship is something more. - Rick Raddatz Founder, 303-949-8075 ?


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