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Sender: William Schenken
Subject: Re: Conservatives
Date: Wed, Apr 30, 2014
Msg: 100960


Sorry for a second message, but something just catalyzed for me in a response from Rick to my last message.

The limit that I would like to see on government is a well informed, educated and engaged citizenry. To me that is where the conservative message rings true- we all have a responsibility to co-create a system of governance and participate in it. Most of us are currently shirking that responsibility by blaming Washington for our problems. We have allowed self-interested parties to take control and we need to take control by finding ways to build the consensus needed to lead instead of relying on the media and politicians to do it.

Now being politically active is one step in that path, and the next step is each us taking a role, however small, in creating that system of governance to fully take ownership of our freedom. The challenge is that many of us do not have the capacity to do that at this moment, but as a movement we can build the systems to build capacity in others as leaders tend to do.

To bring this back to the definition of Transpartisan, for me transpartisan means a process movement where the goal is not a specific cause (smaller government, equality, conservation, etc). Instead it is movement based in the idea that we can govern ourselves collaboratively using the principles of dialog and deliberation. I can even imagine that as we get better at the process, our reliance on Government may subside in favor of willing coordination.

Okay, back to listening, Bill Schenken Bellingham City Club


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