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Sender: Rickrad
Subject: Re: Transpartisan map
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2014
Msg: 101051

I got a report that the image (the map) didn't attach properly last time. ?So here is the map again (attached).


- Rick Raddatz

p.s. The reason this is a *transpartisan* map is that the entire political spectrum can agree that the five ambition/resource conflicts exist, and that sets up the rest of the "map". Notice that this approach completely -- and naturally -- eliminates the "left / right" dividing line while still mapping the issues that define both sides.

On May 30, 2014, at 02:51 PM, "Rickrad" wrote:

> Our goal this month, as per Mark Gerzon's initial post, was to make a map of the transpartisan landscape. > > I would like to propose this map (image below / attached). > > In the left column we see the five ambition / resource conflicts that exist whether we like it or not. > The shaded rows describe modern government -- the solution our founding fathers came up with. > The white areas extend the founders' logic to the rest of the problem space. > > It may not be obvious, but absolutely any issue can be placed on this map. Immigration and abortion, for example > are about drawing the line about what constitutes a full individual (an individual with rights) in our society. > Tax policy is about drawing a line between the individual and the collective. > What politicians are allowed to do or not do is the line between the collective and political. > Our borders are the line between our political world and foreign nations. > What property rights we give to future generations is the line between we-the-living (first 4 rows) and the future. > > It's a different map than I suspect Mark Gerzon -- or anyone -- was thinking of... but worthy of consideration, > I believe. > > > > - Rick Raddatz, > >


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