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Sender: "Debilyn Molineaux, Living Room Conversations"
Subject: Questions for June
Date: Wed, Jun 11, 2014
Msg: 101056

Hello Transpartisan Colleagues,

Every month we present a "topic of the month" to encourage more participation in the listserv and share ideas for increasing transpartisanship in our country.

There is an assumption in transpartisan dialogs that all stakeholders participate. One of the challenges of our work is encouraging participation from people who are skeptical of process, too busy, have other priorities, etc. So this month we ask for a little introspection on who is "in" and who is "missing."

This month we encourage to take a look around the transpartisan community.

Who is here? Who isn't? Does transpartisanship require diversity? If so, what diversity is helpful? Who would you like to invite into the community? Who would you like to learn more about? Or from? What is the culture of transpartisanship? Is this culture one that is accessible / helpful to diversity?

Debilyn Molineaux, Managing Partner Living Room Conversations


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