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Sender: Steven H Johnson
Subject: David Boies and Ted Olson - an example of transpartisanship?
Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014
Msg: 101064

Most all of us will remember Bush v Gore, with David Boies and Ted Olson as the dueling attorneys.

Today they were on Charlie Rose, hawking their new book, Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality. For some time now, Boies and Olson have been working together on lawsuits to advance the cause of marriage equality, including the suit that led the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA. When they began their work, they say, only 3 states had laws protecting marriage equality. Now there are at least nineteen or twenty, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the remainder to defend the constitutionality of laws that prohibit same sex marriage.

I doubt that Boies and Olson have used the word Transpartisan to describe their partnership, but what they're doing is quite a symbol of people from different traditions finding common ground and pursuing it together at the very highest levels.

Steve Johnson

Steven Howard Johnson - Civic Futurist 410-562-0361 Book in Progress: Thoughtful Patriotism


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