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Sender: Rickrad
Subject: Re: The Consciousness Movement
Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014
Msg: 101071

Thanks Michael!

I've attached a reply to Michael B's comments.

In general, I'd just like to say that

(1) we have 200 years of proof that capitalism, democracy and diplomacy/defense produce good results in spite of countless flaws in their implementation and the many complexities of the real world.


(2) all pentanomics does is extend the structure of capitalism, democracy and diplomacy/defense to collective resources and future resources -- solving precisely the problems people tend to have with capitalism (social justice and sustainability)

Therefore, I contend that details simply don't matter. e.g. We can be wrong 1000 ways in the implementation of pentanomics (or even our understanding of pentanomics) and yet we can still predict success relative to the current structure of government decision making.

The devil in the details, I argue, has thus been exorcized by the angel in the architecture.?

To be clear, I'm not discounting the academic importance of Michael's comments. Academically, all of his comments are 100% on the mark. The paper needs to be clearer on exactly the points Micheal raises.

I just wish someone would see the forest through the trees here. My dream is that someone sometime will say "wow, a social justice economy backed by 200 years of real-world proof that the model works!"

: )

- Rick Raddatz,

On Jun 29, 2014, at 10:13 PM, Michael Briand wrote:

> I've attached some thoughts about Rick's summary of pentanomic theory. I hope I've understood his assertions. If not, that was unintentional. The questions I raise represent genuine curiosity about his model. > > Thanks. > > Michael Briand > Chico, CA > > > From: Rickrad > > Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 7:37 AM > To: TRANSPARTISAN@LISTS.THATAWAY.ORG > > Subject: [TRANSPARTISAN] The Consciousness Movement > > > There is a strong and energetic consciousness movement > that believes structural proposals (like > are not the solution-- that the solution is the next evolution of > human consciousness. > > I personally believe there is no conflict between these two > approaches. Indeed, I believe the two are inseparable. > > I believe that because every leap in consciousness in the past > was associated with a parallel leap in the institutions of > government. > > I believe these parallel developments go hand-in-hand > because true leaps in consciousness are leaps > in our understanding of how the world really works -- > and the more we know about how the world really works, > the better we can design government in response. > > So to all those on this listserv who are part of the consciousness > movement, I encourage you to take a second look (or first look) > at my paper. I suggest that because maybe the first time I > pitched it to you, you thought it had nothing to do with > consciousness... but the more I learn about the consciousness > movement, the more I believe this paper has everything to do > with consciousness. > > Here's a link to the paper: > > > Thanks, > > - Rick Raddatz, > > > > To unsubscribe from the TRANSPARTISAN list, click the following link: > > > > To unsubscribe from the TRANSPARTISAN list, click the following link: > > ############################

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