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Sender: Michael Briand
Subject: Re: Putting the pieces together
Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2014
Msg: 101113

Bruce and colleagues:

1) we need to move towards a collaborative form of action; and 2) to accomplish this, we need "dialogue" -- or maybe some strong basic approaches to brainstorming-at-a-distance. How will we know whether a proposal gains enough support to move it forward? (Perhaps Bruce's survey will help.)

I would like to see the emergence of a comprehensive framework that draws together all phases of the transpartisan movement. Yes, we can build an approach based on some specialized independent projects, as Mark Gerzon is suggesting -- but how about establishing what we all have in common?

There have been several attempts to do this, including my summary of the first phase of our discussion, in late May. (I'm revising this right now to take account of Mark's latest contribution and Lawry and Jim's book [which I recommend reading, incidentally].) What level of express support do we need in order to rely on a document as the basis for subsequent decision-making? How does a statement become "official" in the practical sense of enabling and encouraging us to move forward?

If I wanted to build a comprehensive system that embraces all aspects of the transpartisan/dialogue and deliberation field, I would start with (Martin) Carcasson. It seemed immediately obvious that he is absolutely expert on this subject....

Of course he is. He's been using my book in his classes for years...

So -- if I were to offer a comprehensive proposal for transpartisan activism, I think what I would suggest is -- create some kind of online overview of all the themes and points that Carcasson makes -- and then open the process to buy-in and revision by interested transpartisans (members of this listserv... To enable this, I have created a "survey" process on Network Nation.

Here's a starting point question for anyone who might be interested in this approach:

I know we all want to afford others maximal freedom to respond, participate, etc., but perhaps every once in a while, as in this instance, we might request that everyone on the listserv take a few minutes to take the survey. If too few folks do so, we won't get a clear idea of how to proceed.

Thanks, Bruce.

Michael Briand

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