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Sender: David Nevins
Subject: A world in Turmoil
Date: Mon, Sep 1, 2014
Msg: 101149

The turmoil in the world is perhaps the most critical issue facing our country today. Whether the polling data yet shows that the American public has caught up with the events and understands the critical nature of what is occurring around the world, is less important then understanding that this dramatic change potentially impacts our country more then any other issue of our time.

If you have not already done so I suggest you read Henry Kissinger's "On the Assembly of a New World Order" from the Wall Street Journal on 8/29/14. The link appears below

After reading Kissinger's article it is apparent to me that neither Democrats nor Republicans have a clear concept of the direction our country must go to address the conflicts around the world. There is no shortage of ideas, from both sides of the aisle, but there is no defined national strategic agenda related to foreign policy.

Most Americans believe the United States must play an important role in global affairs, but there is little consensus as to what the parameters of that role are and should be.

At the end of the article Kissinger raises the following questions

What do we seek to prevent, no matter how it happens, and if necessary alone? What do we seek to achieve, even if not supported by any multilateral effort? What do we seek to achieve, or prevent, only if supported by an alliance? What should we not engage in, even if urged on by a multilateral group or an alliance? What is the nature of the values that we seek to advance? And how much does the application of these values depend on circumstance?

For the above questions to be answered properly, and for our country to develop a coherent foreign policy we need a transpartisan analysis that is consistent with the definition of the word itself; an approach that "advocates pragmatic and effective solutions to social and political problems, transcending and including preexisting political ideologies"

An opportunity exists for the transpartisan movement to bring the great minds of our country together. The result very well could be a board policy of principles and associated specific actions that will serve as the template for the foreign policy of our country going now and in the future.

I fully realize the enormous complexity of the task I have outlined, yet I have no doubt that the rapidly changing events in the world can only be effectively dealt with from a transpartisan approach. Whether the execution of such an approach is possible within the organizational framework of the transpartisan movement, as it exists today, I do not know.

David L. Nevins


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