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Sender: John Backman
Subject: Re: Transpartisan panel convened at Reinventors
Date: Mon, Dec 22, 2014
Msg: 101163

Thanks so much for sharing this, Debilyn. Well-done recap, and a very well chosen group of commentators. A few things stood out for me, and I wonder what y'all think of them:

1. Rich Tafel of the Log Cabin Republicans described the "shadow side" of conservatism as the fear that traditional values and ways are going away. I've noted the same fear at times in my writing, but now I'm wondering: do conservatives actually sense this fear-and does it motivate them-or is this a progressive projection of what conservatives feel?

2. Jackie Salit spoke of the extreme conservatism in the progressive movement. That got me to wondering: How might each end of the spectrum explore and confront its own intransigence? How important is it to confront it directly? Would it be better to approach it obliquely-through, say, Living Room Conversations, in which the process of bonding with one another can melt the intransigence away?

3. The mention of "healing the heart of democracy" brought Parker Palmer and his Center for Courage & Renewal to mind. In fact, his latest book bears that title. I'm always on the lookout for the contributions spirituality can make to dialogue, healing intransigence, etc., so I wonder what role his ideas may play in this conversation.

This is a bit all over the map, so feel free to respond to threads as you see fit.

John Backman

The Dialogue Venture

Board member, NCDD

Author, Why Can't We Talk? Christian Wisdom on Dialogue as a Habit of the Heart (SkyLight Paths Publishing)

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On behalf of John Steiner,

How do we heal the heart of our democracy and find ways to work together across America's two party political divide?

With Joan Blades Lawry Chickering, Debilyn Molineaux, Rich Tafel, Jackie Salit, Jacob Hess and Elisa Batista, hosted by Peter Leyden

10-minute Recap video:

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