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Sender: Ben Levi
Subject: FW: Can Conversations on Crises Change Civilization?
Date: Thu, Jan 8, 2015
Msg: 101164

I wanted to invite Transpartisan folks to join us in a series of Bohm Dialogues, Open Space and World Café conversations happening in January online in Maestro calls (register here ), an online collaborative platform called hackpad , and also a video conferencing platform for Bohm Dialogues. It promises to be a fun experiment, sharing ideas with the intention to emerge healthy actions for strategic transformation. Blessings, Ben ? Ben Levi | 151 Wildcat Lane | Boulder, CO 80304 USA | Tel: 303-546-0679 | Skype: benleviboulder 5 Deep Boulder ? Spiral Dynamics Integral Training and Consultancy ? Web-based Assessments 1: Behaviors/Actions -> 2: Systems/Structures -> 3: Mind -> 4: Codes -> 5: Life Conditions ³Providing leadership which fosters healthy life conditions for all beings to thrive, and therefore to evolve.²

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Dear colleague (with apologies for cross-posting), As we move into 2015, are you profoundly concerned about climate change, serious resource depletion, and other major threats to civilization? Do you believe that we face an urgent and challenging opportunity to transform our social systems and cultures that are generating those crises? Are you interested in what conversational professionals - mediators, conveners, facilitators and your other fellow advocates and practitioners of dialogue, deliberation, and process - could do to catalyze powerful collective shifts that address these disturbing and exciting transformational possibilities?

If so, know that you are not alone. We and many others feel as you do, passionately. So many people responded to a post about this by Tom Atlee on the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation discussion list that three of us called for further conversation and more than 50 signed on, half of whom participated in an initial conference call on December 15. With this invitation, we're reaching out to thousands more in our field to see who else feels called to this vital adventure.

So now we ask you to join us in pioneering a dialogue and deliberation (D&D) ³community of inquiry and action" during January 2015, online using the ³hackpad² platform and live virtually (using phone and video conferencing), to more deeply pursue this urgent question that a few dozen of us have already begun exploring: What do we, as members of the dialogue and deliberation community of practice, have to be and do to enable our most positive transformational impact, in the face of emerging global crises which fundamentally challenge our business-as-usual habits and systems?

We know there are a number of ways to come at this question, so we are using January to explore different possibilities, while building relationships among those of us who have passion about this topic. You¹ll see below that we¹ve scheduled a number of virtual meetings, using different methods, all in this one month?both in direct audio/video dialogues and in online written conversations?in an effort to meet all our different needs as D&D agents of social transformation.

You are welcome to participate in as many or as few of the ³synchronous² events listed below as you like?and you are encouraged to participate any time in the online dialogues underway in the hackpad forums we've provided . Each virtual event can stand on its own, and each may have different outcomes?some perhaps quite unexpected?but we suspect that insights and energies emerging in each one will reverberate in all the rest. January 6, 2-3:30 ET ? a virtual World Cafe for continuing whole-group exploration of our convening question (above), and other related ones, in stimulating small groups. The optional "harvest" at the end will continue until 4:30 pm ET. Later in January we'll have another virtual World Cafe, at an evening or weekend time to be announced. Before, during, and after these events, you can also share ideas on hackpad (starting now). January 9, 20, 30 (various times--see hackpad ) ? three virtual Bohm Dialogues, providing space for deeper reflection and relationship building, available on a reservation basis. January 13, 2-3:30 ET ? a virtual Open Space event to enable anyone to convene a group to pursue an inquiry or activity about which they have passion. If you have such a passion, you can introduce it on hackpad before, during, or after the audio-video event (starting now). Later in January we'll have another virtual Open Space event, at an evening or weekend time to be announced. Immediately following each virtual Open Space event there will be an additional hour of virtual group sharing and group reports.

As we go through the above activities together, we'll be gaining first hand understanding about how processes we have usually experienced in person translate into virtual environments, and about the pros and cons of the on-line tools we will be using ?topics about which we expect to reflect more later in January. Bearing in mind that this environment and these online tools may be new to many of us, we will go out of our way to provide as much technical support as we can in this process. And, we also beg in advance your forbearance and honest feedback as we explore this new territory together.

More information about these offerings, as well as ways to get started in the community of inquiry right now, can be found here on the Welcome hackpad.

What happens beyond January?with all of us together and/or in various subgroups?is up to each of us. As hosts, we are designing the January experience to encourage various follow-up opportunities to emerge according to their own energy. This particular cycle of engagements will end at the end of the month, having provided value to all who have been part of this community during that time. But what happens next will depend totally on the passion felt by you and the other participants, and the responsibility and creativity you bring to your conversations with the other passionate folks you meet in the process.

So we welcome your participation and look forward to what will emerge here. The more of us pursue this, the more we will learn and the more action will result, moving us all forward. Let us know if you have questions or comments.

And make sure to register here if you think you may participate in any of it , so we can plan for how many of us may join the adventure.

Ben Roberts and Linda Ellinor (for the ³convening team² )

PS: Alongside this collective inquiry and our associated community-building efforts, we are offering a self-organized daily opportunity to explore the deeper meaning of randomly selected cards from the Group Works deck set of life-enhancing conversational design principles. Our recent experiments with this have been delightfully engaging. If you wish to be on the email list for notices about this, please let Ben Roberts know via a reply to this email. Ben Roberts The Conversation Collaborative www. (203) 426-1039 Skype: benjamin_j_roberts G+:


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