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Sender: Robert Steele
Subject: Fwd: Seeking conversation on electoral reform
Date: Mon, Mar 9, 2015
Msg: 101175


I started thinking about electoral reform when I wrote a quick book, free online, *ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig* , in 2008. In 2011 I was very exciting by Occupy and briefed the Occupy working group on Electoral Reform in a 6 minute video that went viral and is still at YouTube (Steele occupy electoral reform ). After Occupy a ton of stakeholders came out of the woodwork and I put together based on their experience an Electoral Reform Act of 2012 that I featured in my brief run for the Reform Party presidential nomination, the four core ideas at We the People Reform Coalition are electoral reform, coalition cabinet, balanced budget, and tax reform -- end all taxes (cannot reform the pathologically dysfunctional) and substitute Edgar Feige's Automated Payment Transaction tax, a fractional tax on everything including Wall Street currency and stock transactions not now taxed -- the latter alone would allow elimination of all income taxes. I spoke in Portland on this and that video is now up at My Kindle on *Open Power* is #4 at Amazon Civics today (it hit #2 two days ago) and I now realize I should not have given Amazon an exclusive -- anyone who wants an ePub version free, send me an email (robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com). Tom Atlee and others tell me that despite all the hard work by many people getting to this point with the WHAT, I need to sit back and try to nurture a new conversation about the HOW. Although I fear this will waste four more years, I am totally open to any and all ideas that will unify us around the ONE THING that would allow the 110 million at or near the poverty line, the 80 million Cultural Creatives, the 25 million college kids with new degrees back home without a job, the 3 million veterans many disabled by elective wars and crimes against humanity and themselves -- lots of overlap among those categories -- to take back the power. I am seeking to raise $1 million to fund a series of workshops and a Chautauqua bus across the country, culminating in an Electoral Reform Summit in Denver or wherever everything thinks might work best. Looking for a conversation about this. The home page is

With abiding regard to all, Robert David Steele CEO, Earth Intelligence Network (pro bono) Author, Open Source Everything Manifesto Reform Party candidate for President, 2012 Skype by appointment: robert.david.steele.vivas


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