Pattern of the whole
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Is it possible or even conceivable to convene or invoke the spirit-led guidance of a Quaker meeting in a context as widely distributed and apparently impersonal as the internet?


Select ALL beliefs that are true for you (perhaps more than one).

If the options appearing here do not express your own view, you can add new options, which will be available to all participants.

If the meaning of any concept or term seems uncertain, follow your own personal interpretation.

When individual human beings come into a sacred circle, they can tune to one another through the common energy at the center of the circle. Like a fractal, that energy can be replicated at every level of experience. We should be calling our closest friends into a universal circle.
"Wherever two or more are gathered -- in the spirit of love and sacred humility -- there I AM in the midst of you..."
The spirit at the center of the circle should guide and adjudicate all collective decisions affecting the welfare of the human community.
At the center of all spirituality, where interfaith and interspirituality and spirituality all intersect, there is a simple universal channel of sacred energy that interconnects all forms of honest humble devotion. Let's meet there.

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