Pattern of the whole
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Please check off elements of the transpartisan movement that you feel are important or might wish to personally support. Please add any additional elements that do not yet appear on this list.


There are many ways to understand the transpartisan movement. If we are to work together to build a single strong movement, we have to find ways to combine our skills and capacities within a single framework. This project is intended to provide a way to gather together these pieces from any person or group working in a related area and interested in participating.

Select ALL answers that are true for you (perhaps more than one).

If the options appearing here do not express your own view, you can add new options, which will be available to all participants.

If the meaning of any concept or term seems uncertain, follow your own personal interpretation.

Comprehensive Inclusion
Insofar as possible and reasonable, bring all voices to the table. Listen to and absorb all perspectives -- and where necessary, balance inclusive impartiality with expertise.
Balance of Freedom and Responsibility
Bring contending points of view on specific issues into a proportionate balance between the individual and the community.
Common Ground
Develop ways to identify common ground, and link people and groups together through it.
Ethical Leadership Alliance
Contact individuals and groups with an ethical or moral vision and help establish their common ground.
Community, Diversity, Unity
Develop and implement a powerful and articulate model of diversity-within-unity, following classical American ideals as informed by clear analysis.
Comprehensive Issue Network
Develop any number of special-purpose networks and discussion groups that can address pressing issues, at any level of social organization (neighborhood, city, state, region, nation).
Engage and Support Existing Organizations
Contact groups anywhere who share these ideals, in whole or in part, and engage them into a single network process that embraces their unique perspective and skill.
Connect Face-to-Face with Internet
Build or engage local groups, whether general-purpose or specialized, and interconnect them through the internet.
Explore new ideas in law and categories (advanced)
Human beings understand each other through categories, and law is a matter of categories, but categories are often controversial or confusing. Consider new ways to link general laws to particular local cases and situations.
Explore systematic methods for considering the interdependence of issues (advanced)
Boundaries between political issues are often blurry. Consider advanced and fluent ways to consider the ancient injunction that "everything is connected to everything else."

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