Pattern of the whole
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Is there some primary or "best" or "most natural" or "simplest" way to convene the process of collective deliberation across multiple levels of scale? If so, what might its principles be?


There are many emerging new models of governance and group dialogue based on circles. The Occupy movement operated on circles. Sociocracy is based on circles. "Holacracy" is based on circles. Many sacred and spiritual groups operate through circles. Contentious issues where people profoundly disagree can often be best addressed through circles.

Is there some natural and organic or "best" or "simplest" model of interconnected circles that could possibly emerge as a guiding general template for a network spanning levels of scale (intimately local, local, regional, national, global), where those interconnected circles generally replicate "the same" or nearly the same general form at multiple levels (like a fractal)? Is it possible that all these levels could be connected across levels of scale through something like "a common center" -- as some mystics have suggested is possible?

Select ALL statements that are true for you (perhaps more than one).

If the options appearing here do not express your own view, you can add new options, which will be available to all participants.

If the meaning of any concept or term seems uncertain, follow your own personal interpretation.

Align energies to the universal center - within yourself as an individual human being - and, at the same time, in a congruent way, through the energy-center of the group, which should be attuned to humility, listening, kindness, and creative force.

See Pattern of the Whole

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