Pattern of the whole
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What fundamental design issues arise in the context of this project and how should they be approached?


What are the fundamental design issues that arise in the context of this project and how should they be approached?

What makes this place "one nation" and not a semi-related network of sub-states or regions/sectors?

Select ALL answers that are true for you (perhaps more than one).

If the options appearing here do not express your own view, you can add new options, which will be available to all participants.

If the meaning of any concept or term seems uncertain, follow your own personal interpretation.

We should run all projects under one integral tag cloud, shared by all projects, and helping provide connectivity and linkage between projects.
We should run all projects under a common top-down parsing, in the general form of the "wheel of co-creation". We can overcome "hierarchy issues" though tag cloud connections. This approach helps maintain project coherence and integrity, and preserves clear definition. It is similar in many ways to the Dewey Decimal System used in libraries.
It is true that the categories in the wheel of co-creation are somewhat arbitrary and ad hoc. However, they are generally accepted by many groups of interest to us, and the ad hoc quality is unavoidable. There is no one single set of perfect choices. The choice should and must be guided by simple social convention and agreement.

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